Kristoff Galerones Ceniza De Plata Toro – 5 Pack

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Kristoff Galerones Ceniza De Plata Toro – 5 Pack




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Product Description

What does it mean? So glad you asked.

We tend to throw around Spanish words like the whole country is bilingual, which clearly isn’t the case. So rather than assume you’re aware that Ceniza De Plata means “Silver Ash,” I’m here to lay it out for you, because really that’s a great thing to know when you’re talking about a cigar. The ash is so important, we all like a nice ash….!!

This ash-tastic blend hails from Kristoff’s more upscale Galerones Series, a departure for the brand in terms of looks and character. All of the handmades in the series feature a triple cap and a clean cut foot, plus the packaging and cigar bands have a more classy feel overall. In the case of Ceniza De Plata, a rich medium to full-bodied cigar with tons of spice, a smidge of black pepper, and a creamy finish, you should prepare to be fully satisfied. For this particular blend, a San Andres Mexican wrapper is placed atop a Cuban-seed Ecuadorian binder and a filler blend of Cuban-seed leaves from three distinct regions of Nicaragua. And the ash is – you guessed it – epic.